When Will Democrats Stop Claiming Inflation is a Good Thing?

In 1933, the Roosevelt administration ordered a MGM short film to explain why the Great Depression-era inflation was perfectly fine for the citizens.

Today, a new Democrat is in office, one who was born during the Roosevelt administration. And what do you know, inflation is a problem once again.

Inflation is now good for you, just as it was in 1933. You might pay more at the grocery store and gas station, but that’s nothing to be concerned about. Trust the Democrats and their willing compatriots in mainstream media.

MSNBC aired an opinion piece yesterday by James Surowiecki, in which he said that inflation is not something we need to worry about. This is because of COVID, and all the government assistance that the pandemic brought.

You were forced to stay at home by the government so that you wouldn’t spend your money. It was a good thing. Uncle Sam then opened the vault and handed out money as if it were going out of fashion. It was a good thing.

But there’s more, don’t worry! Our economy seems to have rebounded too quickly after the pandemic. This is why we now have inflation. Which is apparently still not concerning.

This inflation isn’t a mysterious problem that has descended upon the economy. It’s the predictable product of the economy’s rapid recovery, and its costs have been offset, to a large degree, by robust wage increases and government policies.

This is probably the most talked about topic: Inflation is amazing! We should expect prices to increase because the government is so generous. No big deal, right?

Let’s forget about the supply chain crisis the Biden administration has failed to address. Environmental policies that have made us dependent on foreign oil companies, whom the administration has treated as pariahs and an unemployment system which rewards inaction and apathy are just window dressing. Take your inflation and be thankful, Uncle Sam and Great Uncle Joe really care about you.

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