Resurfaced Video Proves Biden’s Border Crisis Is By Design

If Joe Biden’s previous comments on border security are to be believed, he knows exactly what needs to be done to end the border crisis and simply isn’t doing so.

During a speech back in 2007 while on the campaign trail, Biden said that “no great country can say it is secure without being able to control its borders. Period.” Biden added that what he’d do about control at the border is what he’d been proposing for the past thirteen years before that, “radically” ramping up the number of border patrol agents, increasing the use of electronic surveillance, and increasing the number of virtual fences.

Illegal border crossings in August were up 317% compared to the year prior.

Meanwhile, instead of directly addressing the crisis or implementing any solutions to it (such as the ones he proposed in the above video), Biden has instead opted to attack border patrol over their non-existent usage of whips because he believed a fake news story.

Author: Team Bongino

Source: Bongino: Resurfaced Video Proves Biden’s Border Crisis Is by Design

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