President Biden’s War On The Suburbs

wning your own home in the community you live in is the American Dream.

The Biden Administration is waging war on the American dream by working to destroy suburbs across America. It’s happening in my community, and it will happen in yours too.

As the Mayor of Englewood Cliffs, NJ, I’ve personally fought to protect land that the state has demanded be converted into state-subsidized apartment buildings in the name of so-called “affordable housing.” I’ve fought this fight for over five years in a heavily Democratic town.

The truth is, these politicians who force affordable housing mandates on our communities, don’t actually care about providing affordable housing for our most vulnerable. They would rather build Soviet-style apartment blocks that pay developers than help low income individuals and families achieve home ownership.

Affordable housing mandates are a land grab, money grab, and vote grab by politicians and their friends.

Since the Obama administration, the Left has claimed that suburbs are a form of “structural racism” and today’s White House says single-family home zoning contributes to racial segregation by not allowing the development of state-subsidized apartment buildings. President Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan even incentivizes state and local governments to remove critical zoning laws in a haphazard attempt to prove they’re not racist.

Of course, there’s no regard for the people who already live in these neighborhoods through hard work and savings. In my town, politicians were giddy to help line the pockets of greedy developers and their affordable housing plan was launched without the proper consideration of the people who live in our community. The home values of our residents will be re-allocated to a developer and its political sponsors just as has happened throughout New Jersey since the 1980s.

Everyone should be able to work hard, afford their own home, put down roots and invest in the community where they live. In fact, owning your own home in the community you live in is the American Dream.

Every American should have the opportunity to pursue this path, and that’s why renting should only be seen as a stepping stone on the path to homeownership.

Unfortunately, Democrats have given up on this American dream and they want to force young people, families, and lower income individuals into small apartment buildings, all while lining the pockets of their developer friends.

It’s funny. While the Democrats praise affordable housing, they don’t want it in their own lives.

Of course, you’d expect a convenient “ideologue” like President Biden to live in an eco-friendly, sustainable, small apartment building, right?

President Biden actually has multiple houses in some of the highest income zip codes in America. Why hasn’t he sold his home to live in solidarity with the people he claims to serve? It’s because President Biden, and politicians like him, are only out to serve themselves at your expense. The same goes for our Governor and US Senators who self-righteously advance the elimination of single family zoning while living in opulence and behind gates as in the case of Governor Murphy who clearly wants New Jersey to be like California.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is a fellow comrade in the affordable housing movement. President Biden recently campaigned to help him remain in office during a recall vote. Newsom won, and immediately after, he signed legislation to eliminate single-family home zoning in favor of more affordable housing in California. President Biden and progressive governors are working hand-in-hand to fundamentally reshape America for the worst.

If you’re like me and still believe in the American dream–don’t let them fool you. We must protect America’s suburbs.

President Biden and the Democrats are conspiring for a future where single family housing is abolished. Where the rich get richer, the poor stay poor, and the political elites stay in power. Don’t fall for it.

Mayor Mario M. Kranjac is the Mayor of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. He is the son of immigrants, a venture capitalist, corporate attorney, husband and father.

Author: Mario M. Kranjac

Source: Town Hall: President Biden’s War on the Suburbs

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