Kwame Brown Unloads Over Fake Woke Biden Supporters

Kwane Brown is a former NBA star and first-round draft pick. Most recently, as in the past few weeks or so, he’s been blowing up social media going off on … really, pretty much anybody and everybody. He discovered the freedom of no longer giving a rip, turning on his iPhone camera, and seeing what happens. Methinks Brown’s recent rant about “fake woke” Biden supporters is going to cause more than few sore buttocks.

You fake woke negros, you all are the worst thing to the black community.

You won’t allow independent thought.

I ain’t never cuss nobody out for voting for the Democratic party. I ain’t ever called anyone a coon or a disrespectful name. None of that. You motherf*ckers who do that, you all are the new version of the KKK. White folks don’t got to do nothing. You all are the new version of the KKK.

This doesn’t mean Brown is a closet Trump supporter. What he’s saying is similar to Jason Whitlock’s belief “black people have no political freedom.” You saw this last year with the way Democrats and the media reacted to Ice Cube, who took the position that both sides suck, but only one side expects his vote without working for it. The Joe Biden side. The same Joe Biden who feels that any black person who didn’t vote for him wasn’t actually black. Brown’s feelings are increasingly common among black voters. Just not the ones who get invited on CNN. It presents conservatives with an opportunity if we’re smart enough to take it. Build on Trump’s “what have you go to lose” attitude. Take the common ground over how we all think Biden sucks at life, and show how our side and our policies are better.

But that’s long-term thinking. For now, on a Sunday morning, let’s just enjoy a rant against faux-woke douchelords. That’s something else we can find common ground on.

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Author: Brodigan


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