Desantis Signs Anti-Vaccine Mandate

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will make a “jab” at President Biden Thursday when he signs an Anti-Vaccine Mandate Bill into Law in Brandon, FL.

Employers will be required to grant exemptions for vaccines over religion, health, and future pregnancies.

Tampa is approximately 13 miles away from Brandon, Fla.

Angie Nixon, a Florida state representative and “community organist” Angie Nixon tweeted to all 6,702 her followers her crankiness over the clown-slap DeSantis was giving Biden. It seems that this is all a bid for the White House.

DeSantis has gained national popularity for his resistance to Biden’s mandate clowns. So popular that people from both ” the aisle” have been asking for a Ron DeSantis bobblehead.

DeSantis claimed that the rumors about him running for president are “nonsense”; he tweeted that they were “purely manufactured.”

A CPAC informal poll of presidential nominee in July revealed that Trump received 70% of votes to DeSantis’ 20%. Every other candidate had less than 1%.

Both DeSantis & Trump have opposed school mask mandates.

Trump-DeSantis ticket and what is likely to be a tragic Biden presidency could spell doom for Democrats in 2024, and possibly beyond.

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