Chelsea Handler: You’re Participating In Racism If You’re Not Trying To Dismantle The System

Comedian and former Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler denigrated America as a “racist” society while deriding political detractors as complicit in “racism” in an interview published last week with Emmanuel Acho, a former NFL linebacker and host of FS1’s Speak for Yourself.

“As long as you are part of the system [and] participating in the system and not trying to dismantle the system, then you are participating in racism [and] in a racist society, because that’s what we are living in,” declared Handler in the latest episode of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man: Part 2, titled, “Karens & Cancel Culture with Chelsea Handler.”

Handler castigated white people who oppose “affirmative action” racial and ethnic quotas as selfish and self-absorbed after Acho asked her about white people rejecting the narrative of “white privilege.”

Partial transcript below:

ACHO: Why is it so hard for white people to admit — some white people — to admit that white privilege exists?

HANDLER: Because then they’re guilty of something. My sister-in-law is upset that my nephew didn’t get into the college of his choice when he worked his ass off. He got great grades, you know, he did it all, and she’s like, “Too much affirmative action, everyone’s taking these spots,” and I was like, “No, he wasn’t good enough. This is what is supposed to be happening.”

You can’t be anti-affirmative action when you’re only thinking about your nuclear family. You’re not thinking about the world. Are you only thinking about your family? That’s where we all get off on the wrong foot.

I mean, I can speak freely about that because I don’t have any children, so don’t give a shit about that, but like, the selfishness and the self-absorption of only thinking about how it’s going to affect you and your children and your children getting an advantage, like, my nephew is going to be fine. He’s going to go to college. He’s going to do great. He’s going to get a great job.

Chelsea Handler also described “political correctness” as essential in discussions related to “racism” and “sexism.”

Handler regularly derides America as a racist society while framing white privilege as a sociological phenomenon. In October, she wrote that black men and women “are regularly murdered by police.”

Americans voting for President Donald Trump are casting “a vote for white supremacy,” Handler claimed in August. She also called President Trump “the perfect example of white privilege.”

Author: Robert Kraychik

Source: Breitbart: Chelsea Handler: You’re ‘Participating in Racism’ if You’re Not ‘Trying to Dismantle the System’

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