Capitol Police Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt To Reveal Identity

The U.S. Capitol Police officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt inside the Capitol on Jan. 6 will reveal his identity this week.

NBC News anchor Lestor Holt will speak with the lieutenant in an interview set to air Thursday, NBC announced Wednesday, setting up a television event that will end a line of probing questions by former President Donald Trump and others about who shot and killed the 35-year-old Air Force veteran and Trump supporter.

Speaking out and revealing his identity publicly for the first time, the officer will share his perspective on the events of that day, including the aftermath of the deadly insurrection and the threats he has received. He will also discuss the recent news that Capitol Police will not discipline him following an internal review, exonerating him for use of force,” NBC said in a press release on Wednesday.

The interview was taped Wednesday morning, according to the Daily Beast .

Attorney Terry Roberts, who is preparing to file a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Babbitt’s family, dismissed the assertion the officer was exonerated, as NBC News reported when it first revealed the results of the Capitol Police’s internal review.

“A one-sided inquiry behind closed doors proves nothing, and it certainly is not an ‘exoneration.’ The world has already seen citizens’ videos of the shooting and has reached a different conclusion — one which is far from clearing the officer,” he said.

Separate from the pending $10 million lawsuit against the police, Babbitt’s family sued in June in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia for access to video footage of the shooting, witness statements, and documents identifying the officer who fatally shot Babbitt. The Justice Department declined to charge the officer in connection with the shooting, determining “there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution” following an investigation, according to an announcement in April.

Driver’s license photo showing Ashli Babbitt.
(Maryland MVA/Courtesy of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Babbitt was shot as she tried to breach a door leading to the Speaker’s Lobby as the Capitol Police evacuated members of Congress during the riot. She was transported to Washington Hospital Center, where she died from her injuries.

Capitol Police said Monday the officer was “not being identified for the officer’s safety” and that “this officer and the officer’s family have been the subject of numerous credible and specific threats for actions that were taken as part of the job of all our officers: defending the Congress, Members, staff, and the democratic process.”

The main portion of the interview will air during NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt at 6:30 p.m. ET. NBC said “additional portions” of the sit-down interview will air on NBC’s TODAY and MSNBC.

Author: Daniel Chaitin

Source: Washington Examiner: Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt to reveal identity

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