Border Patrol Agents Who Are Unvaccinated Risk Losing Jobs

One thousand agents could be lost by the United States Border Protection Agency if they aren’t vaccinated. November 8 was the deadline for CBP agents to declare their vaccination status and claim exemption.

The border patrol is facing many challenges, not just the mandate. However, if the president does decide to enforce the mandate, then there will be many holes for the CBP in a system already leaking like a sieve.

Undocumented immigrants are trying to cross the border at record numbers, and tens of thousands more are seeking asylum. The border patrol needs every hand.

You should note that agents are more efficient at processing illegal aliens and asylum seekers than they are patrolling and protecting the border.

However, losing agents due to not being vaccinated could cause chaos in the agency.

The leadership of CBP is well aware of potential resistance from Border Patrol agents regarding the vaccination mandate. Analysts at the agency have been preparing scenarios for mass non-compliance. Mixed results. Internal documents indicate that the agency believes it is able to hire enough employees to replace the old staff, but does not give a time frame. Analysts warn that CBP does not have the ability to hire.

“We cannot lose anyone and expect to secure our border. We believe in the vaccine mandate. While we encourage people to get vaccinated we also fully support individuals’ right to choose what goes into their bodies, especially since the science changes so frequently,” Brandon Judd (president of the National Border Patrol Council), told the Free Beacon. “So, we support the agent’s decision on vaccine and what goes into his body. But, at the same, I feel the administration is wrong because we can’t afford losing anyone.”

In many cities across the country, police officers, firefighters and hospital workers are being threatened with termination if the jab is not given. Some have already been fired .

Yet, the pandemic persists regardless of whether vaccinations are administered. Mr. Judd is right. This should be up to the individual. To maintain our border control, it may be necessary for us to give back that option to border patrol agents.

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