Blue Origin Crew, Jeff Bezos Land Safely After Spaceflight

New Shepard Passengers: Jeff and Mark Bezos, Oliver Daemen & Wally Funk

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon and Blue Origin founder, successfully launched into space and landed back on Earth Tuesday, all before 10 a.m. EST.

Accompanying Bezos on the manned flight were 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, who replaces the anonymous winner of a live auction who bid $28 million; 82-year-old “Mercury 13” aerospace pioneer Wally Funk; and Bezos’ brother, Mark Bezos.

Tuesday’s launch marked Blue Origin’s first manned flight into space and the second historic space mission this month after Virgin Galactic’s founder Richard Branson successfully completed the flight.

Blue Origin’s crew and personnel celebrated Tuesday morning after the triumph.

Author: Fox Business Staff

Source: Fox Business: LIVE: Blue Origin crew, Jeff Bezos land safely after spaceflight

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