Another Death From Travis Scott ‘Astroworld’ Concert

According to the attorney for the family, Astroworld victim Bharti Shakiani has died.

Shahani is 9th victim of a crowd surge at Travis Scott’s Astroworld. She died Wednesday.

According to reports, the 22-year old, who was scheduled to graduate from Texas A&M University in May, had been admitted following the mass casualty incident. She had not shown any brain activity after sustaining injuries at the concert.

James Lassiter, the attorney for the family, stated Thursday that Bharti was “a shining star” in the community. She was a sister, daughter, and a college student who achieved high, high grades at Texas A&M University.

Scott performed on stage during the surge. He has been criticized for allowing him to continue even though people were struggling in the crowd.

The rapper claimed that he did not know the gravity of his situation.

The authorities have opened an investigation into the crime but have yet to assign any blame.

The family spoke about the terrible chain of events that led to Shahani’s death. Namrata Bellani, her sister, and Mohit Bellani, their cousin, were both present at the concert, but they lost one another in the crowd wave which led to injuries that made the situation even more dire. placeholder

“Once one person fell people began to fall like dominos. It was almost like a sinkhole. Bellani explained to the outlet that people were falling on top each other. “There were layers of bodies, two or more people high on the ground. We were trying to get to the top to breathe and stay alive.

Shahani’s parents visited multiple hospitals before finding their daughter.

“They took her to her room and found that she was still bleeding. She was on a ventilator. My wife and I were both too shocked. Sunny Shahani, Sunny’s father, stated that they couldn’t stand there.

To help the family in this difficult time, a GoFundMe was created.

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